Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blues Project 2010-2011

Yesterday I had an idea. I love Blues Music, and I live in Chicago. The Blues capitol of the world. All of the Blues clubs I walk into have pictures of the great old players, the guys who founded the Blues and made it what it is today. Rarely do I see pictures of the guys who are keeping the sound alive. Living, breathing and playing the Blues every night around town. Starting now, I am going to begin a portrait project documenting the players here in the city. Simple Black and White portraits showcasing the many talented musicians this city has to offer, young and old. This project is stemming from a portrait shoot I recently did with Rob Blaine. We shot a number of things for his new album. Of all the shots some of my favorites were the simple portraits we did.

The ultimate goal of this project is not only to showcase the musicians, but to gather them in a space where they can further collaborate and create. I'm hoping to find a gallery space that will allow for the photos to be displayed and set up a full bands worth of instruments where the attendees can get together taking turns jamming with one and other.

The Project starts today, I would like it to be done by next years Blues Fest. If all goes as planned I should be posting much more frequently.

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